Saturday 31 May 2014

The Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park (Tianjin, China)

Bizarre, baffling and absolutely compelling!

The line of multi coloured plastic trees skirting the car park are an early hint that this place is 'special'. The main attraction of the Kiev aircraft carrier has been augmented by a theme park based on all things Russian. The Disney style 'main street' has multi coloured dachas, shops selling Russian foodstuffs and - best of all - a booth where you can have your photo taken with a supposedly Russian girl dressed in the style of a Napoleonic soldier. All priceless.

Type 59 Chinese Tank and 'Kiev' Aircraft Carrier
The Main Street at the Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park
Amongst the Russian artifacts, there are various military vehicles. These range from modern Chinese jets through to individual artillery pieces. There are even mock ups of WW2 battles with replica Tiger Tanks. The site is miles from anywhere and straddles a motorway. Forget Disney and Alton Towers, this place is absolutely brilliant!

Full Photo Set - Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park